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Item # PDAP, Bostik Dual SMP System

The Dual SMP System brings Bostik's SMP Technology to the next level by providing speed and security. This is done by adding a small amount of a waterbased B-Component that catalyzes the adhesive bead to cure throughout at the same rate. Cure progression of the one-component products, by contrast, is from the "outside-in"

The handheld Dual SMP 400P Gun is designed to deliver the adhesive and the B-Component at the proper ratio. It uses a unique static mixer to meter and mix the adhesive and B-Component together that is then dispensed to achieve a bead of adhesive that will cure "through" in hours, not days.

Similarly, the two-component Precision Dose Applicator Pump system is designed to handle 5 gallon or 55 gallon containers of adhesive for higher output applications.

Guaranteed Cure:
In dry and cold conditions above 32ºF and for large beads

Assures the Cure:
Even if adhesive is never exposed to air or is encapsulated between two non-porous moisture barrier substrates

Quick Green Strength Buildup:
Approximately 100 psi after 2 hours

Versatile Technology:
Used with any one-part SMP: 70-03A. 70-03A SKF. 70-05A. or 70-08A

Easy to Use:
Pre-metered, pre-packaged components

Easy to Scale Up:
From 13.5 oz (400 ml) sausage package (Dual) to 52 gallon (197 liter) drums (Precision Dose)

Speed Up Production:
When large panels are bonded: shorter drive-away time/shorter cycle time/station moves

After Complete Cure:
Still the same great ultimate one-part SMP performance
If you already use a one-part SMP no need to re-specify



Precision Dose Applicator Pump


5 gal


·  Precision Dose Applicator Pump

·  Bead Cross-Section

·  Green Strength Development

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