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Item # 7704129, Nordson EFD u-TAH™ Nano Cartridge System

The u-TAH Nano is a revolutionary packaging system for mixing and applying 2-component dental and medical materials. This single-use system allows the healthcare professional to accurately and precisely apply mixed material using industry standard "Centrix®" type dispensers.

Applications include dental bonding and impressions, external chemical bandages, tissue sealants, orthopedic adhesives and compounds, glues for reinforcing sutures and impression materials for hearing aids.

Features and Benefits
  • Compatible with existing "Centrix" type dispensers
  • Superior ergonomics and mechanical advantage
  • Single use eliminates risk of cross-contamination
  • Accurate and consistent 1:1 ratio dispensing and mixing
Fully Dispensed

The unit holds the two mixable components, one behind the other, in a single cylinder. As the dispenser plunger advances into the back of the cartridge, materials and `are forced simultaneously through separate outlets into a disposable in-line mixer. The ratio of the two components is precisely controlled by the cross-sectional area of the back and front chambers, and is varied by adjusting these diameters. The cutaway drawings above depict the 1:1 ratio.

u-TAH Nano Dispenser
Use with cartridges #7703269 (white) or #7704120 (black). Both have a 1.0mL capacity with a 1:1 ratio. Use with mixer #7703940 which has 12+ elements and a 3.2mm diameter.

Other mixers are available.
Contact EFD for recommendations.



#7703269 (White)
#7704120 (Black)


1.0 mL

Mix Ratio





·  How the u-TAH Nano Works

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