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Item # R431007864, Rexroth Type 'D' Pilotair® 2, 3 & 4-Way Pneumatic Directional Control Valve

2, 3 & 4 Way 2 & 3 Position 1/4" & 1/2" NPT

Port Sizes: 1/4" & 1/2" NPT
Working Pressure: 250 psi maximum
Solenoid operated: 150 psi maximum

Pilot Pressure: 3 to 150 psi
    1/4" NPT PORTS:
    Cv = 2.1 (open exhaust)
    Cv = 1.5 (tapped exhaust)
    1/2" NPT PORTS:
    Cv = 5.1 (open exhaust)
    Cv = 4.5 (tapped exhaust)
Temperature Range: -20ºF to +160ºF
Special Seals available for -65ºFto +300ºF operation

Media: Air or Inert Gas (In service higher than 18 cycles per minute or with continuous airtlow, a lubricator is recommended.)
    Valve bodies and operator housings: anodized aluminum
    Spool: Stainless steel
    Internal Parts: cadmium plated and/or bronze
    Seals: Buna N

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Old Part #

PD 020032-654
PD 20032-654






Pilot Pressure

3 to 150 psi

Temperature Range

-20 to +160 ºF

Electrical Data
Standard Voltage (all coils are rated for continuous duty) Power Consumption
Inrush Holding
24, 120 240 VAC (60 Hz) 33 VA 22 VA
12, 24 VDC 12 W

  • Versatile. There is no standard assembly of the Type "D" PILOTAIR Valve. Porting can be easily rotated in 90º increments. The directional valve you need is easily tailored to your installation, at standard modol prices. Any of the nine basic valves may bo operated by one or two of eight basic operators. The Type "D" PILOTAIR Valve may have on operator on either or both ends.
  • Various operator spring return and holding functions are available. The valve operators, mounting bracket or any of the port segments may be rotated in 90º increments to fit most any installation problem.
  • Most valves are made from common parts to simplify repair and stocking. No special tools are required to service or modify Type "D" PILOTAIR Valves.

Passages through the Type "D" PILOTAIR Valve are opened and dosed by an operator or operators moving a spool to a fixed position at either end of its travel. Some valves have a third or center position midway between these two fixed positions. Any of the available operators may be used on either two or three-position valves. The spring return functions, however, will vary according to the number of positions. Operators can be furnished with No Spring Return, Full Return Springs or Centering Springs.
No Spring Return: Used on either two or three position valves. Operators with no spring return remain in position when the operating force is removed. Only manually-operated valves used singly can be used without return springs. Remote-controlled or mechanically-operated valves used singly must have return springs to return the spool for the next operation. When two operators are used on one valve, the spool is returned by the opposite operator. Lever or Button Operators without spring return may also be used with a detent kit on the opposite end. Full Return Spring: Used on two-pcsition valves. When the operating force is removed, the spool is returned to its normal extreme position. The spring may be a part of the operator or assembled on the opposite end of the valve, depending on whether the vaEve is normally-open or normally-closed. Centering Springs: Used on three-position valves. Centering springs hold the spool in its center position.

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Rexroth Type D Pilotair® 2, 3 & 4-Way Pneumatic Directional Control Valve
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Rexroth Type D Pilotair® 2, 3 & 4-Way Pneumatic Directional Control Valve
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