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Item # R431006604, 2-HA-2LY PILOTAIR VALVE WITH latch 1 & 2 (EXHAUST THRU CENTER)

The 2-HA-2 PILOTAIR Valves are panel-mounted, 2, 3 and 5 position valves with one inlet and two outlet ports. Available with detents in each handle position, a latching handle that requires manual release to insure against unintentional operation, (Also available with handle 2" longer) or spring return to center position. All ports are 1/4" NPT.

The Panel-Mounted "A" PILOTAIR Valve is a poppet-type pneumatic directional control valve consisting of a cam housing portion and a valve portion containing from one to four 3-way valve units.

The "A" PILOTAIR Valves’ streamlined compact design makes them especially suited for deluxe panel mountings such as in consoles or control panels. They can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical panels. The internal parts are enclosed to make them ideal for outdoors installations or other unfavorable working conditions.

Operating Versatility
Versatility has been designed into the operating cams. By reversing, rotating and rearranging these all-purpose cams, all the listed combinations can be made with a minimum of parts. Single unit valves for 3-way operation may be normally open or normally closed. The two unit valves have two, three, or five positions of operation as do the three and four unit valves. (See operation.) Detents can be had for two, three or five positions, or handle may be spring returned to center for three position operation.

In release position, as shown, the valve disc seats on the inlet valve seat and seals the passage from the inlet to the outlet port. The outlet port is vented to atmosphere through the center of the plunger.

As the plunger is forced downward by the cam force it seats on the valve disc. This seals the passage between the outlet port and atmosphere.

Further downward travel of the plunger unseats the valve disc from the inlet valve seat and allows inlet air pressure to flow to the outlet port.

Specifications  · Features


Old Part #

P 065353
P -065353-00000

P 65353





Cam Details

With Latch


Black Epoxy Coated Cover on Hub

Handle Positions




1/4" NPT


1/4" NPT


Exhaust thru center


3 1/2 in.


4 2/32 in.


6 11/32 in.

Several new features have been designed into the Panel-Mounted "A" PILOTAIR Valve for added strength, easier maintenance and longer service life.
  • One-piece solid steel shaft for increased strength.
  • Bronze bearings in cam housing for longer wear.
  • Separate steel handle and hub for increased strength.
  • Tooth-type Nylatron plastic detents for longer wear and more positive detenting.
  • Internal centering spring assembly for longer wear and more positive handle centering.
  • Die-cast anodized aluminum body and cam housing for lighter weight, added strength and corrosion resistance.
  • More-positive handle latch. Available in one, two, and three positions for added flexibility and longer service lift.


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