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Aventics Ceram™ Manifolds, Size 2


Aventics End Ported Manifolds

Station Segment

Each station segment kit comes complete with hardware, seals, and a sealing plate. The sealing plate is placed between each segment to ensure sealing between the Buna N gaskets. The standard sealing plate (PLATE A) included has windows open for ports 1,3, & 5.

End Plate Kits

Consists of two end plates complete with hardware and seals. Pressure is blocked on Size II end plates with 3/4" pipe plugs (included).

Easy Manifold Assembly

Use a 3 mm hex key to partially back out (approximately 4 turns counter clockwise) the installed set screw. Press the mating station segment or end plate to the manifold assembly with a sealing plate between the two, and turn the hex key clockwise to complete assembly. Tighten set screws on both sides of the manifold.

Dual Manifold Supply Pressure

On size II manifolds, simply remove the pipe plugs. This is standard practice if more than 3 valves are energized at the same time and flow is critical to the application.

Manifold With Two Different Supply Pressure

On size II manifolds, place plate B where the pressure division is desired and remove pipe plugs from the end cover.

Common External Pilot Pressure

If a common external pilot is required (normally if supply pressure is below minimum pressure or a vacuum supply is used) for the entire length of the manifold, all standard plates (plate A) must be replaced by plate C. Individual valves can be externally piloted by connecting the external pilot supply to port 14 on the end of the station segment.


  1. Manifold With Two Different Supply Pressures & Common Ext. Pillot
  2. Manifold With Three Different Supply Pressures

Specifications  · Advantages


ISO Size

Size II

End Plate Kit

Eliminate Downtime-They Don’t Stick
Normal air valves can stick or jam and cause start-up problems because of their inability to handle accumulations of dir, dust, oil or water in air lines. Not with the Ceram valve. There’s no gap between the plates for dirt and oil to accumulate. The plates are finished so precise that they act like sliding magnets or jo blocks. Solenoid operators of the same voltage on standard valves are interchangeable between all sizes, reducing spare parts inventory and downtime.

They Work Great in Normal Applications Too
Just because they are so popular in harsh environments, don’t think they won’t work great in a more normal application.

Ceram Valves Save Air and Money
The tight shut-off with Ceram valves eliminates costly loss of air that is common in other designs. Compressed air that you pay for.

Extended Life
Years of proven field service verifies an anticipated life of 150 million cycles even under adverse conditions.

Overcomes Design Limitations of Other Valves
Lapped spool valves normally have a small gap between spool and sleeve that is prone to oil and dirt accumulation, resulting in sticking and the waste of air. Packed spool valves using elastomer seals are subject to deterioration and excessive wear when contamination and/or incompatible lubricants are present.


Internal to External Pilot Field Conversion, Sizes 1 and 2
(PDF, 107KB)

Piping Procedures
(PDF, 109KB)

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