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Aventics Type C Linear Positioners

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Rexroth Actuator Positioners are compact, pneumatically operated devices used for accurate positioning of engine governor control arms, butterfly valves, carburetors and other low-force mechanisms.

Aventics offers three types of positioners: diaphragm with radial motion lever, diaphragm-linear, and cylinder-linear. All three models use the same basic principle of applying a predetermined air pressure (supplied by a Aventics Type "H" Controlair® Valve or Type M PLUS™ proportional pressure control valve) to act on a diaphragm or piston to compress a positioning spring. The actuator lever then assumes a specific position which corresponds to the applied pressure and to the control valve handle position.

Our Actuator Positioners feature light-weight, strong, die-cast construction with a minimum of connections. Years of performance in heavy construction vehicles, drill rigs, marine applications, and other types of installations have proven them to be rugged and highly dependable.

The "C" Type are the smallest and most economical of the positioners. They are linear piston type with force characteristics of 650 inch-lb-degrees and 1400 inch-lb-degrees. The "C" Type have integral female clevises for easy mounting.

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R431004882 P -059023-00001 C Linear (small) with preload adj. 10-60 psi 1.5 in. 2.50 lb
R431004883 P -059023-00002 C Linear (small) 10-60 psi 1.5 in. 2.50 lb
R431003945 P -055952-00000 C Linear (large) 10-60 psi 1.5 in. 9 lb
R431006434 P -064433-00000 C Linear (long) 10-60 psi 3 in. 3 lb
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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