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Rexroth 2-CA-1A Normally Closed Pilotair® Valves with Two Direction Cam Roller

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The Two-Direction Cam Roller Operator Kit assembled to the 2-MA-1A PILOTAIR Valve is designated the 2-CA-1A PILOTAIR Valve with Two-Direction Cam Roller.

MATERIALS - Both the block type and panel-mounted "A" PILOTAIR Valves have die-cast anodized aluminum bodies for corrosion resistance. They use a new one piece unitized cartridge valve element that is made of a engineered plastic and stainless steel. The seals are oil resistant, synthetic rubber.

The panel-mounted "A" PILOTAIR contains hardened sintered steel cams and cam followers. The cam shaft is a steel extrusion. The handle shaft is cadmium plated steel.

PRESSURES - Maximum inlet pressure is 250 psi (17.2 bar).

TEMPERATURE - Maximum operating temperature is -40º F to +200ºF (-40ºC to +93ºC)

MEDIA - Air & inert gases (consult factory for other uses).

CAPACITY - As shown by the graph, these valves have been designed to give maximum flow capacity to speed operations and provide full power.

CARTRIDGE VALVE ELEMENT - is constructed of engineered plastic and stainless steel. This design gives superior corrosion resistance and sealing also simplifies repairs.

The Block-Type "A" PILOTAIR Valve is a poppet-type, on-off, 3 way directional valve enclosed in a solid die-cast aluminum block for ruggedness and ease of installation. The basic valve and all operators can be easily and quickly assembled without special tools. This valve line features a choice of six operators, assembled to the basic valve 2-MA-1A, to provide cam, lever and pilot cylinder operation. The design permits conversion from one type of operation to another and simplifies stocking. The body design lends itself to individual or multiple-mounting operations. The Block-Type "A" PILOTAIR Valve can be installed in any convenient position without interfering with the valve operation. The straight, flat sides are identical to provide either right or left hand horizontal mounting. Mounting holes are also provided for mounting the valve vertically from the top or bottom. All valves, except the Normally Open 2-CA-1B, have dual 1/4" NPT IN and OUT ports for ease of piping. Pipe plugs are furnished with each valve for plugging the unused ports. Unitized cartridge valve elements are used for long life, easy service, corrosion resistance and excellent sealing characteristics.

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R431004666 P 058721
P -058721-00000

P 58721


2.50 in. 1.50 in. 3.31 in. 3/4 lb
R431004668 P -058721-00002
P 058721-2

P 58721-2


2.50 in. 1.50 in. 3.31 in. 3/4 lb
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