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Rexroth Aluminum Quick Exhaust Valves (Imperial)

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Quick Release Valves
The Quick Release Valve speeds the exhausting of air cylinders, clutches or other pneumatic devices.
It vents air pressure close to the operated device instead of back through the control valve.
Equipment cycling or release times are reduced for increased output.

  • Sensitive: A few psi pressure differential across the diaphragm opens the exhaust.
  • Large capacity: Large internal air passages exhaust air quickly for top speed of your operation.
  • Quiet operation: Special diaphragm design eliminates chattering associated with exhaust valves.
  • Long operating life: Corrosion resistant body has only one wearing part - a rugged, oil-resistant diaphragm.
  • Reduced weight: Built of aluminum or plastic, they are light enough to be supported by piping alone (mounting brackets are optional on smaller sizes).
For instant response in Air Circuits

Mounting Flexibility - For In-Line or Right-Angle Piping
A desirable feature is that the inlet port may be assembled on the valve in one of two positions. This allows both ports to be mounted on the same center line, or at right angles to each other. The added flexibility simplifies many mounting problems. Field changeout is made by rotating the cover 180º.

Operating Characteristics
Air pressure entering the inlet port forces the diaphragm against the exhaust port, closing it. Air pressure also deflects against the rim of the diaphragm to open a direct passage around the diaphragm to the outlet port.

When air pressure at the inlet port is reduced, a differential in the pressure acting on the diaphragm is created. This differential in pressure lifts the diaphragm from the exhaust port and seats it on the inlet port. This opens the exhaust port, allows air to flow freely from the outlet port to atmosphere, and closes the inlet port.

Should outlet air pressure drop below inlet pressure, the differential in pressure seats the diaphragm on the exhaust port, stopping further exhaust.

The 1/4" and 3/8" models are normally mounted directly in the piping. A mounting bracket is available as an accessory, if required. The 1/2", 3/4" and 1" models have an integral mounting bracket.

Type: Aluminum Body, for in-line or right-angle piping
Working Pressure:
    200 psi max. on 1/4" and 3/8"
    150 psi max. on 1/2" thru 1" sizes
Temperature Range: -40°F to 160°F (200°F Intermittent)
Media: Air or inert gas
Port Size: 1/4" to 1" NPTF

Note: 1/4" and 3/8" models require a Mounting Bracket. Sizes 1/2" through 1" have integral mounting brackets.

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Item #

Old Part #



Capacity CV (In to Out)

Capacity CV (Out to Exh.)


R431003038 P -052935-00002
P 052935-2

P 52935-2


1/4 in. In-Line Piping 1.77 2.50 10 oz
R431003043 P -052935-00021
P 052935-21

P 52935-21


1/4 in. Right Angle Piping 1.77 2.50 10 oz
R431003039 P -052935-00003
P 052935-3

P 52935-3


3/8 in. In-Line Piping 2.73 3.08 10 oz
R431003044 P -052935-00031
P 052935-31

P 52935-31


3/8 in. Right Angle Piping 2.73 3.08 10 oz
R431003040 P -052935-00004
P 052935-4

P 52935-4


1/2 in. In-Line Piping 5.00 5.50 7 oz
R431003041 P -052935-00006
P 052935-6

P 52935-6


3/4 in. Integral Mounting Bracket 9.70 10.55 14 oz
R431003042 P -052935-00008
P 052935-8

P 52935-8

1 in. In-Line Piping 11.95 13.45 5 oz
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1 
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