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Rexroth Series 740 UL & CSA Approved Solenoid Valves (4 Way/2 Position)

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4 Way / 2 & 3 Position Solenoid & Air Pilot Operated Diaphragm-Poppet Valve


Port Sizes:
    Integrated Fittings for 3/8", 5/16", and 8mm tubing
    Push-in fitting styles bodies available for metric tubing only (2 position only)
Working Pressure:
    20 PSI minimum
    150 PSI maximum
    External Pilots not available
    Cv=0.7 - with Integrated Fittings
    (Cv=1.3 - comparable flow to threaded part valve)
Temperature Range:
    Solenoid Valve +5°F to 122°F
    Air Pilot +5°F to 140°F
Media: Air (either lubricated or non-lubricated)
Materials: Polyacetal Engineering plastic with Buna N seals and diaphragms
Combination Manual Override: Locking & Non-Locking

Electrical connectors must be ordered separately. One per solenoid required. See complete listing on Solenoid Connectors page. All valves on this page come with 3/8” tube nuts designed to accommodate 3/8" x 0.062" wall poly tubing.

Recommended Tubing:
  • Standard 3/8" O.D> x 0.062" wall - poly tubing
    5/16" O.D. x 0.040 wall - nylon tubing
    8mm x 1.00mm wall poly tubing
Requires optional tube nut kit (R432015289)
Valves designed for 10mm O.D. x 1mm wall poly tubing are also available.
Adapters available: 1/4" O.D. x 0.040 wall - poly tubing.
Tube nuts are supplied with each valve for 3/8" x 0.062 wall poly tubing.

These valves do not include solenoid connectors. Order one per solenoid.

Dimensions are the same as our standard models.

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R432034081 5/2 Single Solenoid, w/ 12VDC 5/2 Single Solenoid 12 VDC
R432034082 5/2 Single Solenoid, w/ 24VDC 5/2 Single Solenoid 24 VDC
R432034083 5/2 Single Solenoid, w/ 110VAC 50/60Hz 5/2 Single Solenoid 110VAC 50/60Hz
R432034084 5/2 Double Solenoid, w/ 12VDC 5/2 Double Solenoid 12 VDC
R432034085 5/2 Double Solenoid, w/ 24VDC 5/2 Double Solenoid 24 VDC
R432034086 5/2 Double Solenoid, w/ 110VAC 50/60Hz 5/2 Double Solenoid 110VAC 50/60Hz
R432034087 5/3 Closed Center, w/ 12VDC 5/3 Closed Center 12 VDC
R432034088 5/3 Closed Center, w/ 24VDC 5/3 Closed Center 24 VDC
R432034089 5/3 Closed Center, w/ 110VAC 50/60Hz 5/3 Closed Center 110VAC 50/60Hz
R432034090 5/3 Open Center, w/ 12VDC 5/3 Open Center 12 VDC
R432034091 5/3 Open Center, w/ 24VDC 5/3 Open Center 24 VDC
R432034092 5/3 Open Center, w/ 110VAC 50/60Hz 5/3 Open Center 110VAC 50/60Hz
  Results 1 - 12 of 12 1 
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