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Rexroth Shuttle Valves (NPT Ports)

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NPT Ports
Supply Pressure: 200 psi max.
Temperature range: -40ºF to 160ºF; intermittent 200ºF is permissible.
Media: Air or inert gas

Application Data
The Shuttle Valve automatically selects and directs the flow of air from one or the other of two controlling devices to a common outlet. It serves to connect two independent lines to a common line without destroying the segregation.

Operating Characteristics
  • SIMPLE- Contains only one moving part-an easily replaceable fabric reinforced synthetic rubber diaphragm. Two body segments, a gasket and four screws complete the assembly. It has no spring; nothing can bind or stick. Its compact size presents no installation problems.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT-The Shuttle Valve can easily be supported by piping alone. Mounting feet are included, however, for installations with vibration or long pipe runs.
  • SENSITIVE-Will seal off the opposite inlet line with less than one psi pressure differential.
  • LONG LIFE-Tests have shown no diaphragm wear after hundreds of thousands of cycles.
To order, refer to port size and part number.
When a pressure differential of one psi or more exists at either inlet port, the higher pressure forces the diaphragm to seal against the opposite side of the valve and flows out the common outlet. The low (or zero) pressure inlet port is sealed from both the outlet and the opposite inlet port.

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Item #

Old Part #

Port Size

Flow (Cv)


R431003347 P -054350-00001
P 054350-1

P 54350-1


1/8 in. 1.25 7 oz
R431003348 P -054350-00002
P 054350-2

P 54350-2


1/4 in. 1.58 7 oz
R431003349 P -054350-00003
P 054350-3

P 54350-3


3/8 in. 3.61 1 lb
R431003350 P -054350-00004
P 054350-4

P 54350-4


1/2 in. 5.12 1 lb
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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