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Rexorth Type 'D' Pilotair® Valve Repair Kits

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With these kits and parts, the elastomer seals and some common wear parts in the basic valve portion of the assemblies can be repaired. On severely worn or damaged valves, additional parts may be required.

The basic valve portion kits do not contain any parts for the mechanical operator portions of the valve. The mechanical operator portion of the valves should be repaired when necessary, with individually selected parts and tested before being put into service. Refer to Service Bulletin B4-75.01 for additional parts information and service instructions for the Type 'D' PILOTAIR® valve.

Minor repair kits contain seals, seal retainers and a grease tube. Major repair kits contain the minor repair kit plus a stainless steel spool.

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Port Size

P68829 Kit, Minor Repair F/PD2-20, 31 Valve 1/4 Inch
P66830 Kit, Minor Repair F/PD2-32, 41,43, & 45 Valve 1/4 Inch
P68831 Kit, Minor Repair F/PD2-42, 44, & 46 Valve 1/4 Inch
P68823 Kit, Major Repair F/PD2-20 Valve 1/4 Inch
P68824 Kit, Major Repair F/PD2-31 Valve 1/4 Inch
PS8825 Kit, Major Repair F/PD2-32 Valve 1/4 Inch
P64877 Kit, Major Repair F/PD2-41 Valve 1/4 Inch
P68826 Kit, Major Repair F/PD2-42 Valve 1/4 Inch
P64878 Kit, Major Repair F/PD2-43 Valve 1/4 Inch
P68827 Kit, Major Repair F/PD2-44 Valve 1/4 Inch
P64S79 Kit, Major Repair F/PD2-45 Valve 1/4 Inch
P68828 Kit, Major Repair F/PD2-46 Valve 1/4 Inch
P68837 Kit, Minor Repair F/PD4-20, 31 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68838 Kit, Minor Repair F/PD4-32, 41, 43, & 45 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68839 Kit, Minor Repair F/PD4-42, 44, & 46 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68832 Kit, Major Repair F/PD4-20 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68539 Kit, Major Repair F/PD4-31 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68833 Kit, Major Repair F/PD4-32 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68540 Kit, Major Repair F/PD4-41 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68834 Kit, Major Repair F/PD4-42 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68541 Kit, Major Repair F/PD4-43 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68835 Kit, Major Repair F/PD4-44 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68542 Kit, Major Repair F/PD4-45 Valve 1/2 Inch
P68836 Kit, Major Repair F/PD4-46 Valve 1/2 Inch
  Results 1 - 24 of 24 1 
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