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Rexroth H-2-EX Controlair® Valves (Alternate Configurations)

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Versatile Three - and Four-way pressure regulating valves or a combs nation of pressure regulating and non-regulating three-way valves.

The REXROTH Type "H" CONTROLAIR Valves are a family of pneumatic pressure regulating, directional valves. Hand, foot or mechanically operated, these valves control both pressure and flow of air. Some control these functions in one air circuit. Others selectively control these functions in two separate and independent air circuits or in branches of the same circuit. Still others control these functions either selectively or simultaneously in three separate and independent branches of an air circuit.

With each valve, the position of the operator-Sever, pedal, cam or knob-determines the air pressure delivered by the valve. Changing operator positions changes delivery pressure. Once the operator's position is set, a CONTROLAIR Valve maintains the delivery pressure for that position-automatically. It feeds more air into a circuit to compensate for leakage and operations which reduce pressure, it vents air from a circuit to compensate for operations and other conditions which would increase a circuit's pressure.

Pipe Connections
IN Port -Supply.
OUT Port-Delivers graduated pressure when lever is moved clockwise from "Off" (facing lever side of valve). A slow build-up of pressure with 40% of the maximum obtained at 60° of lever travel, then rapid build-up of the remaining 60% of pressure range in the remaining 32° of lever travel.

H-2-EX CONTROLAIR Valve-Lever automatically returns to "Off" position when released.

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Item #

Old Part #




R431007222 P -067577-00002
P 067577-2

P 67577-2


H-2-EX Pull Reversed nameplate
Standard cam
R431007221 P -067576-00002
P 067576-2

P 67576-2


H-2-EX Push Reversed cam
Standard nameplate
R431007033 P -067224-00002
P 067224-2

P 67224-2


H-2-EX Pull Reversed cam
Reversed nameplate
R431002808 P -050925-00002
P 050925-2

P 50925-2


H-2-EX Push Standard cam
Standard nameplate
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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